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Remove the basic Wordpress Welcome Screen and change it to anything you want! Additionally you are able to create custom admin pages and add your custom content to them.

Hassle free: you only have to update one welcome screen and it will update it automatically on all your clients websites!

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Use ANY PAGE BUILDER to CREATE THE Custom Content for your dashboard. For example...

... or use any other builder, theme or blank html/css. 

The features

Welcome Screen:
change the Wordpress Dashboard Welcome screen into anything you want.

Admin Pages:
add up to 30 new admin pages to your dashboard and load any content you want.


User role management:
choose which user role can see your custom pages and welcome screen.


User based:
disable the custom menu items for specific users.

Easy to use:
there are no coding skills required. Use any page builder to build the content.

optionally you can add html5 sandbox attributes to the iframes.

Multisite ready:
push your custom pages to all subsites of the network

Multisite special:
subsite admins will not see the plugin settings

Custom user role management:
Activate/Deactivate the welcome screen and custom pages, based on custom userroles you have created.


Icon picker for menu items:
pick an individual icon for your menu items.


Unlimited possibilities

Here are some amazing examples of what you can do with the Dashboard Switcher Plugin:

Make more money

Use the customized welcome screen as a presentation area for your services. Clients can easily buy some services or addons of you through their websites dashboard. How cool is that?

Onboarding for your clients

You can make a welcome site, where you give some guide on how to work with the wordpress dashboard. Or if you have some plugins installed, like a site builder or a seo tool, then you can give some advice on how to use them. This will help your client, makes him happy and is a time saver for you cause you will recieve less e-mails or calls with questions from your client.

Support and Questions

Add some client support option to your dashboard welcome screen! Give your client some form to submit questions or show some FAQ.

Customer loyalty

Turn the dashboard into a blog post overview and push the customer loyalty! Just show your latest blog posts or YouTube Videos directly in your clients dashboard.

You can do whatever is in your mind!
Unlimited possibilities.

  • wordpress dashboard welcome screen 1
  • wordpress dashboard welcome screen 2
  • wordpress dashboard welcome screen 3

See it in action

Click on the images to see them in a bigger resolution.

Customer Feedback

  • "I've been using Dashboard Switcher on client projects for about a year and am really happy with how it works. Clients really like having their tutorials I record for them front and centre when they login. A very useful tool I use on every project."
    Amanda Lucas
    Itchy Fingers Design
  • "I love Dashboard Switcher! Just one welcome page I have to manage, and that is shared across my customers' websites, saves me a lot of time!"
    Yves Douillot
    Elementor French users community manager
  • "The best way to help your clients with their website is on the dashboard. Clients don't need to search for developers' email or phone. It's right there where they need help. And Simon made it so easy to create one and reuse and update it for all your clients. Real time saver for the clients and me!"
    Marko Krstić
    Art Director / Code enthusiast
  • Some feedback in social media ...
  • Some feedback in social media ...

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Dashboard Switcher Plugin Now

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  • Use on your clients websites
  • All future updates are included
Get your unlimited lifetime licence now!
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Check the Knowledgebase, if you have some problem.

Any more questions? You need Support? Please write me: mail@dashboardswitcher.com


Version 1.2.2 | 28.09.2020
Fixed: This version fixes some issues on sites, hosted on hosting provider who change the common Wordpress structure (like flywheel).

Version 1.2.0 | 22.08.2020
New feature: If you have some custom made user roles on your website / wordpress multisite, then they are now visible in the selection area. So that you can activate/deactivate a specific menu item or the welcome screen only for this user role.
New feature: You are now able to pick a individual menu icon for each menu item you create.

Version 1.1.0 | 13.12.2019
New feature: User role management for custom menu items and Wordpress welcome screen.
Upgrade: Increased the number of custom menu items from 10 to 30.

Version 1.0.9 | 20.11.2019
Fixed: Some plugin conflict which caused a double scrollbar.

Version 1.0.8 | 14.09.2019
New feature: You can now add up to 10 custom menu items and load individuall URLs in each of them
New feature: Based on some buyers requests you are now able to add add html5 sandbox attributes to the iframes.
Some improvements.

Version 1.0.4 | 22.08.2019
Fixed some conflicts and reported issues.
Renamed the plugin folder to prevent some confusion with another WP plugin.

Version 1.0.3
Fixed a conflict with the plugin "Post SMTP"

Version 1.0.2
Version of Release.


1. The roadmap is some orientation on things which are maybe part of a future update.
2. The most features and adjustments are based on my buyers feedback! So if you have some ideas and wishes, let me know. :)
  • Adding the option for multisite setup to push individual URLs to each subsite.
  • Adding the feature to update through Wordpress directly.